Friday, September 14, 2012

I am having so much fun this past week developing an Art Doll for the the first official Challenge in our Mixed Media Art Group called "Forming Friendships" .

The project is to build a figure, puppet, or doll no larger than 10-12" high, with some sort of movable parts. This figurine could be made from or incorporate anything really... Sticks - Found items - Metal - Fabric - Assemblage - String - Any technique you may wish to try, or your own area of expertise...

While there is no real theme, we thought this could be a visual way to share a little bit about overselves... Maybe a reflection of our personality... a Self-Portrait of sorts. Ultimately, it will be sent to our partner in the challenge as a a gift of friendship, the stepping stones towards building a new community!

Rest assured fellow challenge mates, this image is NOT the one I am making for my partner... I am not about to let that cat out of the bag yet... Or at least not until she sees it for herself. My partner is the very talented Prairie Fairy, aka Roberta, and I am so excited to make something for her especially as she faces some tragic family circumstance, maybe a new friend doll will offer some comfort. Be sure to check out her blog too! Such an amazing artist, and some awesome tutorials as well.Truly Inspiring!

I will post more, and some of the processes I am using as soon as I am able! :D Toodles!


  1. hehehehe, secret, oh I like that. Blush blush blush awe shucks thanks for the lovely compliments Alix. ;) Cant wait to see what you do.


  2. Ahhh, she's Beautiful, Alix! I can't wait to see what your creative mind thinks ups next...

  3. well the doll you are showing looks amazing. I am sure your partner will be delighted.

  4. Thank you Steve [Donn] & Jodi! :) I hope so... the doll is on her way now. I can't wait to upload some pictures of it!! I am working on finishing this one that is shown here, and just starting up a dozen more!!