Thursday, October 4, 2012

mixed media art doll
 "Caora Louise"
oOaKindred: Art Doll  
Mixed Media

She was created for our first Art Challenge called  "Forming Friendships"  That took place at Mixed Media Arts on Facebook and my partner was the illustrious Roberta Laliberte! [aka Prairie Fairy!] I can't wait to see what she has created and will be sending out to me shortly! :)

"Caora" is the first, a prototype doll, in what I hope to develop into a line of Art dolls called oOaKindred: Companion dolls, rich with character, that sit easily close to you to keep good company.

If you are interested in custom design "art doll" please do contact me... I have a bunch more on the way that I will be uploading over the next while and making available for purchase if there is interest. 

Please check out:

Cherakee Photography 

Cherakee Stoddard is the photographer responsible for these photos! Her work is just so amazing!If you live in the Halifax/Maritime region of Eastern Canada you may wish to consider her for your next big event!


  1. SHe is absolutely gorgeous Alix! Even more gorgeous in person although her photoshoot is amazing!!!! I just love her to bitS XOXOXOXOXOXOS!

  2. She was a joy to make for you! And has truly inspired me to make some more! I want a whole room full of these guys sitting on shelves watching me work, lol... I am just glad she is home now with you at last! ♥ I can't wait now to see yours!!

  3. Hi Alix,
    This will remind you to post this week ;))
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. The instructions for playing along are here on my blog

  4. haha... that is EXACTLY the motivation i need it looks like to get me started!! Sounds like great fun! I shall plan for a post this coming week :) great idea!