Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This first post is probably the hardest, as you are just setting up your blog for the first time... getting a feel for the layout, figuring out how things work, getting it all decorated up nice in time for the arrival of visitors! I guess this is an opportunity to just talk about what I would like to dream for my blog... my goals, my ambitions...

Well, first and foremost, I have been feeling more and more like I need to have a web presence all my own, a way to highlight my own work, but also to share in some of the trials and tribulations I have been facing these past years in the hopes that my own struggles, and some of the headway I have been able to make, might assist others. I will share more on this later on, but if you have been dealing with any sort of chronic illness you may want to pull up a chair. We are in good company! :)

This is an introduction more than anything else... I am a single mom of two boys... My eldest, Seoras [pronounced SHOR-is] is already well on his own life's travels away in Scotland  where his father lives, attending college this fall in Glasgo... My other son, Odhrán [pronounced OR-an], is still at home at home with me. We have three Peke-a-poos & Poodle X's, Murphy, Tara Belle & Eilidh [pronounced ellie] and our two black cats, Peru and Murah [note: Both feline names should be spoken with a "cat" accent or they will completely ignore you!]

I hope to share a little about my journey to a healthy lifestyle and losing a great deal of weight that I have accumulated along the way with my illness. Now, I am entirely focused on eating healthy, whole foods... Organic if possible... Avoiding all processed fats, sugars, meat... Not fully vegan, although I am almost there... Not quite raw, maybe about 40-50% of my foods are prepared uncooked.... I adore Smoothies of every flavor! Did I mention I have lost over thirty pounds since the middle of June! And, I eat chocolate sometimes even every day! [The NEW chocolate = 1Tbsp Cocoa + ½ mashed Banana] I will share more on this soon! :)

So as a reflection of me, this might be a pretty diverse blog. I would hope to share some of my interests and activities.I am deeply involved in a number of online activities... My current project is a group on Facebook called Mixed Media Art on Facebook that has been such a joy, more than I could have ever imagined! The new friendships that have emerged, the creative flow that has been shared amongst us, the opportunities that have opened before me on a personal level as well...

Mixed Media Art Group on Facebook

I feel like this post has left a great many dangling carrots... I shall share more as I get going on this. I am just excited to be here! Excited to get to know those that are following me! And to share in this great journey we call Life :) Welcome!